Welcome to the Butterwick Park website. You will find a wide range of information and features on this site, including details of how Butterwick Park was created and how the funds required, were raised. You can also visit our online photo gallery containing over 400 photos of the park and events held by the Park Green Project.

The Park Green Project also runs it's own lottery, called the 100+ Club, to help raise funds for the maintenance of Butterwick Park. If you would like to know more, or are interested in joining, then take a look at the 100+ Club section.

PGP Logo Notices

Please would all people, who walk their dogs on the park, ensure you pick up their mess and put it in the dogs bins provided. Most dog walkers do use the bins provided and we would like to say thank you. But for the small amount who don't, please consider that other people, including small children, use the park as well. If the problem continues, then the Park Green Project committee may consider banning all dogs from the park. Thank You.

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